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Anrias Games creates and manufactures table top games for your family, friends, and some games for just your adult friends. Based in the Minneapolis Minnesota area, we make American Made original games.

  • 7blox up, our ages 4 and up game. See who can build up seven multi-color blocks drawing from a deck of instruction cards first. This fun game for the whole family can be played with four players, or even teams!

  • Brew Buddies, the 21+ Bar and Party Game. Try to get four tokens in a row on the grid of icons, switching off between drinking and having your favorite snacks. Play against your friends to see who will get four in a row first, or just play to eat and drink! (Non alcoholic beverages can be substituted!)

  • The Wyne Tasting Game. A 21+ wine tasting party game, and the first production game of Anrias Games. Try to get five tokens in a row, while tasting your favorite wines, and eating crackers, chocolates, fruit, etc. A fun game for your next party with you and your friends. (non-alcoholic beverages can be substituted!)

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